Q. I just joined the Color Cares Color Movement, now what?

Congratulations!   You are now part of a growing volunteer global community of individuals who want to share the power of color to benefit the lives of others.

We welcome you to be proactive and initiate life-changing color makeovers in your community.  Ask around your community to see if there is a family or person suffering from traumatic loss, injury or illness and in need of a “new beginning”.

If you want to be more than a passive participant you can begin building a Color Cares Team in your geographic area.   A typical team consists of a color consultant-professional designer, decorator, paint contractor and local paint company.

Once our national advertising & promotional campaign ramps up, we will receive many paint color makeover requests from your area that you can additionally be part of.

Step up and get the ball rollin’ in your area today!

Mission Statement

Color Cares™ is a US based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that performs and promotes paint color makeovers to help rebuild, inspire & positively impact lives.




Contact Information:

Color Cares, Inc.
P.O. Box 0037
Minooka IL 60447-0037, USA

Email: info@colorcares.org