New Book: Simply Color for Everyday Living

Posted on 11-02-2016


“Simply Color for Everyday Living takes Diantha Harris’s first book, Simply Color, one step further into practical and varied ways to use color in our everyday lives for support and transformation.

A powerful group of 25 professionals have contributed to this book to demonstrate how this can be accomplished easily and effortlessly.

A great companion book to Simply Color, Ms. Harris has created a wonderful gift for her followers, and for those who are just finding her for the first time.”

There is a chapter written in this book by Dan Wittenkeller, founder of Color Cares that addresses the dual-meaning behind the fear of color.

Click here to purchase your copy of Simply Color for Everyday Living today!

Kolormondo 3D Color Learning Globes

Posted on 07-03-2013

Discover the magical world of color with Kolormondo!


The Kolormondo 3D puzzle is a new and revolutionary way to discover the world of color.

Sold in museums & design stores in Sweden and Europe and now in the USA through Color Cares.

Kolormondo revolutionizes the way to organize, present and understand color. By displaying colors in three dimensions in a sphere, color theory becomes concrete, logical and understandable.  

As an exciting and educational teaching aid in the classroom, it presents the interrelations of colors in a comprehensible & fun way.

Once assembled the 3D puzzle globe is both inspiring and beautiful. It can be displayed on a tabletop, desk or hung from the ceiling. As a colorful decoration, it will certainly attract a lot of attention!

The Kolormondo 3D puzzle can easily be disassembled — to examine and compare the pieces — and thereafter be assembled again. The pieces are delivered in a box and can be reattached into the original packaging. As the box resembles a book, both in shape and appearance, you can easily store it in your bookcase until the next time you use it.

The puzzle comprises six wedges and five circles. Instructions are included. We hope that you will not need to follow the instructions. However, the puzzle is a bit trickier to complete than it appears. There are actually close to four billion (3,822,059,520) ways to assemble the puzzle!

Kolormondo is a patent pending Swedish innovation that has received the City of Stockholm Innovation Award.

Box size: 211 x 183 x 23 mm (8.5″ x 7″ x 1″)

Globe diameter: 160 mm (6.3″)
Weight: 350 g (12 oz)

  • - Understand and communicate color 
  • - Identify shades and see how they relate to other shades 
  • - Match colors 
  • - Develop and inspire artistry 
  • - Use as an effective teaching aid in color & design classes 
  • - Fun, tricky puzzle for all ages 
  • - Beautiful decor accessory 
  • - The Perfect Gift

100% of our proceeds go to help spread happiness in full color 


Click Here to Watch the Kolormondo Video

Color Cares Color Palette

Posted on 26-01-2013

Color Cares Color Palette.

Color Cares has it’s very own paint color palette entitled “Colors for a Cause”

The palette consists of (24) full-spectrum colors; (12) Brights & (12) Neutrals.

These holistic colors were created & formulated by Teresa Tullio, color expert and founder of The Business of Color and are available to the public upon request.



Ask your local paint retailer to participate in our Colors for a Cause™ Program!

Color Cares Color Palette

Posted on 06-12-2012

The first series of colors for the “Color Cares Color Palette” has officially arrived.

Created by Teresa Tullio, ( these will be the official colors that we recommend the Color Cares™ community use in their charitable paint color makeovers.

We are also exploring ways to make these one-of-a-kind colors available to the public.

Watch for the rest of the inspirational palette coming soon!


(Click photo to enlarge)

Check out the completed TGC Project

Posted on 12-05-2012

The Green Chair is the First Color Cares™ Recipient in NC


Stacey Sherman, a local Color Cares Volunteer and Owner of  Spiffed-up Spaces, knew that this project would be a perfect candidate for a Color Cares Makeover and was excited to get the process started.

Thank you Stacey for the time & effort you put into this project.  You did a fantastic job!!

See all the details here:

Stacey Sherman (NC) and The Green Chair Project

Posted on 14-04-2012

Stacey Sherman, an amazing Color Cares™ advocate and owner of Spiffed Up Spaces, is playing a leading role in the selection and application of paint colors for  The Green Chair Project’s newly constructed entry way, fireplace surround and office space.

Photos & Video coming soon!

Thank you Stacey for all of your hard work and continued efforts.  You are a true Color Cares™ Champion!

Now Looking for Regional & Local Project Managers

Posted on 10-02-2012

Looking for Regional & Local Project Managers.

We are now looking for volunteers in areas across the USA to step up and become a Regional or Local Color Cares manager.

Contact us for details.

DC Key Corner Project Update (12/31/2011)

Posted on 31-12-2011

Changing Lives!

Posted on 22-02-2011

We work with military families.

A Color Cares Paint Color Makeover can help heal the pain & suffering of traumatic loss or injury.

Nominate someone deserving today!

Spreading Happiness!

Posted on 22-02-2011

We work with the elderly.

A Color Cares Paint Color Makeover can create an environment of  belonging & self worth.

Nominate a deserving candidate today!

Mission Statement

Color Cares™ is a US based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that performs and promotes paint color makeovers to help rebuild, inspire & positively impact lives.




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